The secret of Handwriting

08 Nov

1. Spaces between words increasingly rengang distance one word to another word; author takes privacy and distance dg others.

2. Spacing between adjacent word that the closer the writer and the faithful who seek closer ties.

3. Spaces in the word, the more tenuous one letter to another letter, the writer extrovert nature & less interchangeable restraint.

4. Space within the word, the more adjacent hurud one to the next letter, the writer is introverted and easy to hold back.

5. Writing quickly, show the spirit of the writer, intelligent, quick thinking within, acting without much consideration

6. Writing direction to right, show the author had a strong feeling, opened with new experiences, results orientation

7. Writing a direction to the left, tend to be selfish, holding emotions, nervous, cautious, taciturn

8. Writing him upright, independent, analytical, logical DRPD rely on feelings, who have good consideration

9. The size of a small handwritten reply, show writers were able to concentrate long-time, simple, self-critical thdp

10. Size of writing a big, selfish, extroverted, extravagant

11. Tgn writing jumbled tilt to the left & right, Show me the emotional control is weak or multiple personalities!

12. Cultivate the spirit, values ​​and meaning in a philosophical reply, your signature?

@ yosandylipsan (Yosandy L.S.)

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